November 13, 2007




COUNTRY: India, New Delhi
TOTAL TIME: 38 mins
LABEL NAME: Demonstealer records
RATING : 10/ 7
It was September 2003, when I saw this band live for the very first time at IIT-D prelims. Before they started playing, a pal of mine (who already knew their style) whispered in my ear these guys cover ‘Children of bodom’, the moment I heard that I jumped out of my seat, and went charging next to the stage to head bang to their amateurish cover of ‘Bed of razors’. Although that performance was quite feeble, but I got hooked onto them, trusting the promise they showed The subsequent release of ‘Soul Corrosion’ EP was widely appreciated and got a thumping review in first Metalindia print issue. However, that EP left few questions unanswered, 1-Why such a shabby recording? Secondly, Can Acrid come out of thick realm of COB, with something more concrete, forceful, true and original?
Let me find how ‘From the oblivion’ performs? Starting off, no complaints with doomish cover artwork, inlay, and print; it looks totally absorbed with delivery of an oncoming dark crusade. Scandinavian melodic death metal shades are very imminent from your amps right from start to finish. Although I would have definitely liked a much more thrash and freaky guitar tone. Probably, that’s the reason why aggression seems controlled. Instrument production is crystal clear, although disappointingly vocals are a little low on recording. Another matter of huge concern is Anubhav’s vocals are shallow, fluctuating and non-caressing in delivery. This looks like a serious issue, because I used to think that this might just be an anomaly while he’s on stage. But in studio also he sounds shaky. Riffs are pitched in between COB/Stratoivarius/In flames.’ From the oblivion’ (Track 1) opens a progressive hard-hitting melodic DM fascia. The song infuses alternating rhythm-lead guitar work that walks on for ages over you. Keyboard also cadavers through the composition providing a knitting action. Track 2 ‘A perfect pseudocrity’gains respect mid way after initial 2 minutes 45 seconds, when they lie it down slowly, then explode and dive down deep into haunting melodies. This one definitely has a unique fragile effect.’Mindwarp 2’is an instrumental that plays next and honestly speaking this and its next rendition ‘mindwarp 1’are an utterly baffling inclusion on the record, in terms of their positioning and sense. I don’t know when the band was riding a certain momentum, why break it just for the sake of it. They are indeed a very ordinary, no thought provoking misfit. Can’t write much about it, as I completely dislike it. ‘Genesis 18:05’ plays next; it’s the first song on the record that shows headcharge, thought and conviction in composition. Listeing to this one is shear bliss. Let me just pen down some ponderable lyrics from the song ‘Genesis, is all I need, lets start off again, there is no other way for you, Genesis, just die again’, thumping base drum and bass along with enthroned depth of pain spills out of this one, central section is head moving around 2.20mins and later riff lead juices skid out from Kshitish and Vikas’s axes. This song climbs to its apex at 4th minute, when anubhav sings ‘Die! You now, you live this life for long! A mountaineering echo of keys and riffs are a lift that supplement its climb up the hill. A roar what an end!!!’Acrid arts’ is song no 5 its another spell bounder in terms of its musical arrangement. There are around 3 phase shifts in first minute itself, vikas ferociously churns through very nook and corner of the guitar. Complete focus is once again instrument playing. What a revolving revoking joyride. Some stupendous chorus and knifely riff criss cross. ‘Running for eternity’is just a show window of a typical ‘Inflames’ song. Here it leaps up and down in a cage, the cage referred here is an ‘In flames’ approach, Chorus on this one reminds of quite a few from Clayman album. Had they moved forward from a very colonial ‘Reroute to remain’ style to recently released ‘come clarity’ it would have made a remarkable difference. The next one is another pick for me’The descerator’ riding an intermediate pace its got relatively faster parts as well, quite an orthodox kind of song for a band like Acrid, nonetheless refreshing after a couple of ordinary songs. One of a typical head bangers choice! Hear it to believe it! OAAAAAH! Here comes ‘Burning the ashes’ final track on the album and I must say what a finale, that’s the fashion in which I always wanted them to compose. A misty filth of keyboard smog in the air, smoking up the whole place, over the rooftop vocals propagating what’s always expected from them. Solos flowing left right center, triplets on base drums, reversing-forwarding in and out riff segments. Midway when music breaks and it starts pouring in the background it makes my hair stand back on the back of my neck, and when vikas solos it out of that scene, it makes it so phenomenal that I don’t have words for my ecstasy.
Enough said, result time-’From the oblivion’is a benchmark in terms of creativity, but as a final product, it has its own set of problems that are mentioned in the above-mentioned review. Pillars have been moved, with few stones unturned. (7/10).



November 13, 2007



India, New Delhi
TOTAL TIME: 28 mins (approx)
LABEL NAME: Undead Noise records
RATING 10/ 9
Before I get into the analysis of ‘Preface to erase’, its very important for me to talk you through the conviction this band has stood for, during five years of its existence, filled with a no compromise attitude.
It hasn’t been easy for Undying Inc who have been criticized enough for primarily being a basement band, over-indulged in Pantera styled music, and a feeble act on stage. I think the band has sat over all this, and there has been a remarkable turnaround considering their immensely tight stage prowess witnessed by me over last one year.

Although this studio outing took a long time to shape up, nevertheless looking at the artwork, production and packaging I must conclude, the wait has paid-off. All 7 songs on the album are distinct be it construction of rhythm or pace. Which enhances much anticipated variety, and doesn’t remind of similarities to majority of monotonous hard/thrash core releases.

Album opener ‘Perfect hate’ starts with a thick viscous riff, throwing a headswing mood right from scratch to finish. All this when combined with Amitabh’s illustrious thrashy vocals, filled with tons of hate, act as a splendid fresh beginning. When you have lyrics like ‘‘A burning state, my name is hate, I cry aloud, fuck fate’’ I think you are about to feast on the diet of an authentic outflow of emotions, defining the bands of the genre. Mind you Biswarup’s guitar structures might sound a liitle stale especially on this song, provided you have heard enough of Obituary of mid nineties. But still they manage to roll a vibe, which is unmatched by most bands the country. Drum sound on this song is relatively smoggier comparing with other songs. justification for which can be given best by the band. I am still wondering whether they kept it that way deliberately? Thunderous opening!!
Track 2 ‘Shadow’ seems replicating and expanding whatever first track stood for. There’s an enormous outflow of energy from those pinch harmonics laced greasy riffs and skin peeling ‘Dimebag signature’ lead parts. Those run over those chunky bass grove lines during the intermediate section. The last shell catches ‘Amitabh’ equating his larynx stretching to that of Max Cavelera’s on ‘Straighthate’ from ‘Roots’. The thrash bent on the rhythms has fair similarities from Sepultura’s thrash of 90’s.
Next track ‘Burn’ is a personal favorite; it opens off with a demented leads in the background, OFF you are to a flyer of midtone classic tharsh plus scales of hardcore. It will be criminal on my part to compare this track to any other band, because this truly is a CULT display of mixing junk groves to captivating mean solos. Listening to it 30 seconds paat 2 minutes till the end is sure to send a chill across your spinal cord. Biswarup you created a frenzy of sorts! Who’s Andreas Kisser? (Andreas fans spare my blood!).
Midway on the release,’ Chaotic impulse’ discharges fresher fumes of rotting, as this one is little more down tuned, reptile and venomous. The lead portion on this song is very similar to Pantera’s legendary legacy of streaming leads over zero rhythms & thumping bass. Moreover drum triplets & a superlative roll treatment & a gentle double base roll outro by ‘Sangyt’ stands out adding a unique flair to this song. An amazing display of control & conviction on this one!
Title track ‘Preface to Erase’is upnext, over here it starts getting a little repetitive, may be all this is due to an exceedingly annoying slow. Oh, wait a second! The meatloaf arrives 2 minutes into the song, right after first solo, its kind of a stop and go high-end conveyer riff. Grabbing you by the neck giving a slam, a slam and another slam! After listening to which I feel like changing my above-mentioned opinion, terming it monotonous. Probably I was being judgmental too early. It’s sure to build up on you in a couple of spins. Another juggernaut!!
Final track on the EP is ‘Existence failure’ runs on a flatter, a faster, fit in the initial spinning of 30 seconds, and then twists, ripping through a cascading ‘Hatebreed’ fashioned riffing. It’s rapturous, combining power elements from New wave of American metal. The penultimate section is corrosive, acidic and leaves you cribbing for more.
In nutshell, “Preface to erase’ is a perfect amalgamation of Energy & Emotion!


November 13, 2007

Genre :: Progressive thrash / death metal, with technical overtones.

Myndsnare Members ::

KP – Guitars and vocals,
Sandesh – Bass,
Yasmin Claire – Drums

Biography ::

Formed around September 2000 out of the debris of a couple of Bangalore bands, MyndSnare started out with an intent to play ‘music for musicians’. Odd meters, lots of speed, stop-on-a-dime breaks and a slight lack of happiness was the order of the day. Changing to suit ourselves in our geriatricity, there have been a few additiions of melody (well, listen to it again!) and subtractions of oddness, while reaching for the same end – bloody fast neck snapping.

The mind of KP first decided to try snaring others after he’d released the ‘MyndSnare – 1’ demo (3 compositions, one cover) at the Mumbai DeathFest 2000 after an intense recording spree the week before; it met with good reviews and sold out (well, almost – 2 CDs remained, out of 100) at the venue. Looking at the response and the lack of live playing capabilities – as we all know, you can’t bang your head to a pulp listening to a mere disc of mylar, it insults you – he started sniffing down people who could play the remainder instruments, and thought of themselves as the intellectual kind.

MyndSnare, you know – half the name’s the mind!

Anyway, after staccato bursts of distortion with various guys which didn’t work, Yasmin was jokingly asked to join. She agreed, equally cheerfully. And as you can see, the joke is still very much alive… Promptly, the song Paranoid was dusted off, polished, a tooth was checked for stray food in the polished gleam, and the song was used for the umpteenth time for an audition of a bandmember. But no joke is complete without a bassist…

So the two-thirds of the nonexistent whole trooped around gulping huge quantities of barley water until a bassist bobbed up – Sam. After snaring his mind, MyndSnare played a few shows, like BIT (Bangalore), IIT Mumbai, NLS (Bangalore), etc., and Sam decided to un-snare himself and departed to grow heavier in Intestinal Butchery. He also put on weight.

KP and Yas retreated to the confines of their beer bellies, and when the collective mind finally woke up they found that they had another bassist in a former bandmember of KP’s, from a long lost era – Visahan. Only problem was, he lived in Mars. Well, close – Virudhunagar. He was taken in, and brought down to earth… and MyndSnare departed to play at the DeathFest 2002 soon after. And in August the same year they played the Independence Rock XVII festival in Mumbai to rave reviews. Then came a huge hiatus when KP decided he didn’t want to be a suffering rock star (?!) anymore, so departed to the land of opportunity – Mumbai – to start work as an automotive journalist, while Yas became a music journalist. Visahan departed back to Mars to study further.

We like to tell ourselves that our lyrics mean something. Deep things, mostly. It makes us happier. Life, the universe and everything being the topics of conversation, anything that deserves an (anti-)social commentary is generally deemed worthy.

So, basically, if you like snapping your spine on an off-beat, enjoy running across rock-show venues to randomly fall upon another like you, find yourself growling without reason in broad daylight long after the full moon waxed away – or just enjoy woodenly staring at a bank of speakers while a mercurial flow of metallic noises winds around your mind… you’re at the right place. We understand you. We may even like you. Be like you, even.
One of the Mynds finally got bored with pistons, and agreed when a plan to Dominate the DeathFest 2003 was suggested by the other Mynd – and after jamming a record five days (3 in Bangalore and 2 in Mumbai), and taking in Narayan (from Clockwork Orange, Bangalore), the show was played with zest. And MyndSnare was resurrected.

With the recording of a three-song demo – ‘A Preliminary Quest’, the band finally put their sounds to disc, and have received an extremely good response from those of the audience who have been waiting to hear something played under controlled conditions, without the messy live audio systems playing havoc with the music. The messy live audio systems were played havoc with, too, though – with MyndSnare capturing the third place at IIT Delhi in September, out of 65 bands from all over India, along with an almost clean sweep of the individual prizes, namely best guitarist and drummer. The Strawberry Fields fest at NLS, Bangalore saw them coming second out of 45 bands, and Yasmin was adjudged best drummer again. And then, MyndSnare’s ‘metal’ was displayed to good effect at IIM Bangalore early this year, where they bagged the First place, picking up Best Rhythm Guitarist and yet another Best Drummer as afterthoughts. And then there was R.A.I.T. Mumbai, where MyndSnare managed another top slot, with another Best Drummer and an all new Best Vocalist!

In addition to the various awards and prizes won by the band, MyndSnare has also been featured on a compilation entitled ‘DEEPER UNDERGROUND #2,’ released by Sonnengott Music, Indonesia, which contains tracks by various bands from Singapore, USA and India. Reviewers and critics haven’t been far behind, and a review of ‘A Preliminary Quest’ is featured on The Metal Gospel website, an interview and review is up on the TrendCrusherZine website, as well as a couple more underground sites, in addition to India’s own InfinityMag webzine, MetalIndia webzine and

With the recording of a three-song demo – ‘A Preliminary Quest…,’ the band finally put their sounds to disc, and have received an extremely good response from those of the audience who have been waiting to hear something played under controlled conditions, without the messy live audio systems playing havoc with the music.
The evolution game was played, and after various mutations, MyndSnare attained equilibrium in its current line-up.

Influences :: Death, Cynic, Judas Priest.
MyndSnare Achievements ::
· Played the Independence Rock XVII in 2002 in Mumbai
· Won 3rd place out of 60 bands in IIT Delhi’s national competition, along with best drummer and best guitarist
· Won 2nd place out of 45 bands in National Law School’s Strawberry Fields competition in Bangalore, along with best drummer
· Won 1st place in IIM Bangalore’s competition, along with best rhythm guitarist and best drummer
· Won 1st place out of 45 bands in R.A.I.T. Mumbai’s national competition, along with best drummer and best vocalist
· Other shows played include the IIT at Mumbai, N.S.I.T. and the Delhi College of Engineering at Delhi, and various shows in pubs in Mumbai and Pune, such as the Razzberry Rhinoceros and Cyclone respectively.
· Upcoming shows include the June Rock Out in Chennai, an annual, month-long gathering of the top rock bands in the country, apart from other shows in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Bombay.
· Over 350 copies of the demo ‘A Preliminary Quest’ have been sold – with further on order.
· “Layers of Hypocrisy” from ‘A Preliminary Quest’ is featured on a compilation entitled Deeper Underground #2 from Sonnengott Music, Indonesia, featuring other bands from India, the US and Singapore. For details, visit
· Yasmin, the drummer, has been featured in quite a few magazines in India, such as the Rock Street Journal, RAVE, Business Standard, a couple of daily newspapers etc., not to mention an appearance on national TV (Star World)

Discography ::


Self Realeased – Oct 2003
A Preliminary Quest, review, tracklist, mp3, lyrics Tracklist

1. Mirror of Nothingness
2. Layers of Hypocrisy
3. Seeking the Maze

Contacts ::

Website ::

Official Website ::

My Space ::
Band Mail Id ::

Band Members Id :: KP –

Sandesh –

Yasmin –


November 13, 2007

Genre :: Death Metal

Meaning :: The name Blackhole Theory was decided because of the mysterious background of the concept of the Black Hole and the guys believing that the music they create represents this mystery.

Biography ::

The inception of the band was in jan 2002 when Prithwiraj and Snehdeep who had been friends for a while and both of whom had a budding interest and talent in music decided to get together and form a force playing only its most extreme form. There arose the problem of finding the rest of the lineup. After repeated changes they bumped into Naveen who without any formal training and on an off hand practice seemed to show more talent towards relentlessly beating the drums (hence the name relentless beater) than both Prithwiraj and Snehdeep expected. So finally without further ado Naveen joined the bandwagon and started playing with the guys. The name Blackhole Theory was decided because of the mysterious background of the concept of the black hole and the guys believing that the music they create represents this mystery.

Later one of the guitarists had to depart from the band due to personal reasons but within a short span of time after his departure they stumbled upon Kuber as their next shredder.

The band firmly believes in making original music and has composed 8 brutal tracks. One of these tracks has been featured in a release called “resurrection” which is a compilation of 12 of the most extreme metal acts in India. Starting slowly they climbed up the popularity ladder and their originals slowly began gaining recognition. They have been a part of 30 gigs so far some of the big ones include IIT Mumbai, Pune rock fest, jumpstart 2005, and Subculture.2005.

Starting slowly they climbed up the popularity ladder and their originals slowly began gaining recognition. They have been a part of more than 40 gigs. So far some of the big ones include IIT Mumbai, Pune Rock Fest, Jumpstart 2005, Subculture 2005, RAIT 2007 and Rainfest 2007(Shillong). Blackhole Theory is heavily influenced by bands like Dimmu Borgir, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Old Man’s Child, Satyricon, Opeth , Death and the kind.

The blend of our talents is now called BlackHole Theory, a name we cooked up. It defines us, we are unexplained and never fail to surprise each other, just like the black hole, full of mystries and surprises.

Influences :: Blackhole Theory is heavily influenced by bands like Dimmu Borgir, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Old Mans Child, Satyricon, Opeth , Death and the kind.

Contacts ::

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Band Mail Id ::


November 13, 2007

Genre :: Death Metal / Metal / Experimental

Narsil (Meaning) :: Narsil is Aragorn’s sword in Lord of The Rings.

Narsil is an extreme metal project from New Delhi, with influences ranging from Mayhem, to Immortal, to Cannibal Corpse, to Cryptopsy, to Death, to Aborted, and even to an extent to Menog(psy trance!). Expect some brutal, dark, crunchy and experimental METCHUL!!

“Death metal, KVLT, death metal, brutality, line-up changes, death metal…and more death metal – that’s Narsil ! Formed as a studio project between Kshitish (guitars, Acrid Semblance) and Anupam (guitars, Grey), Narsil has redefined death metal sound in India. Just 5 gigs old and one ep out, Narsil have already been termed by many as the best death metal band in India.”

“Get set to be entrapped in a hurricane of the demented and wicked, once you open your ears to the extremest of the extreme India metal act, NARSIL. Just 3 gigs in the kitty, backed by profound and positive media reactions and subsequent creation of dedicated breed of Narsil fans. They specialize in Dying fetus, Origin, Decrepit birth and Decapitated inspired no-nonsense-just-death-metal slaughter, casting down despise and walking home with your bone sediments. And whats more, they have absolutely nothing to do with The Lord of The Rings!

Kshitish Purohit – Guitars(Acrid Semblance – Guitars)
Anupam Roy – Guitars, Programming(Grey – everything)
Anubhav Misra – Vocals and other undecided instruments! (Acrid Semblance – Vox and Keys)
Abhinav Dutta – Bass
Akshat – Drums (Descant – Drums)

Influences :: Immolation, Deicide, Cryptopsy, Dying Fetus, Hate Eternal.

Discography ::


Records :: Demonstealer Records
Carcinogenic, review, tracklist, mp3, lyrics Tracklist

1. Carcinogenia 03:44
2. Lugubrious 03:45
3. Depletion of Vital Forces 04:21
4. Prelude to Execution 01:56
5. Derelict Deranged 02:45

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Infernal Wrath(Mumbai)

November 13, 2007

 Genre :: Old School Death Meta

Band Members ::

Pradeep on Guitar: -Disembodied Corpse -Deflesh-Infernal wrath
Jp on drums: – Disembodied Corpse – Demonic Resurrection -Infernal wrath
Afaque on vocals: -Blood Bath Regiment -Infernal wrath
Harshad on Bass: -Hearse-Thor-Asphyxia-Belial-Infernal wrath

Infernal Wrath is a Mumbai based extreme metal band. The attitude and the sound, is well established in the name “Infernal Wrath” … it is an onslaught of aggression, aggression to the core. Infernal Wrath has been around for two years, seeing past the secure foundations of convention into an entirely new state of music, taking it to the next level. The music they make could be summed as simply as – Brutal, melodic, extreme death metal!

Infernal Wrath is an extreme metal band from Mumbai. Infernal Wrath-The name itself explains the band’s attitude, its aggression to the core. We are new in the scene but all of us have been playing for past 4 years in the underground metal scene. Jp wanted to form an extreme band for a long time and was waiting for the right guys. We came together sometime around in the middle of 2004 and started playing what we wanted to.. Brutal, melodic, extreme death metal.

Influences ::

We listen to all kind of music Morbid Angel, Death, Slayer, Atheist, Dream Theater, Europe, Mr.Big, Steve Vai, Death, Slayer, Joe Satriani, Death, Radiohead, Mazzystar, Sepultura, Hate Eeternal, Nile, Deicide, Cryptopsy, Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor

Concept ::

The concept of the band is not against god or with devil but “karma” in which the band has strong belief. So our songs are based on that concept with totally extreme music.

Discography ::

This was their first demo called World’s Seperation
Recorded in august 2001 at Oh!Music Studios in Xanthi.
Recorded By Vangelis Tsakiris. Produced and Mixed By
Vangelis Tsakiris and Infernal Wrath.

  1. Infenral Wrath (not an intro as everyone said its the “band named” song)

  2. World’s Seperation

  3. Corrosion Of Behavior

  4. Consumming Masses

Contacts ::

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 Members Id ::

Jp –
Afaque –

Acrid Semblance(Delhi)

November 13, 2007

Genre :: Melodic Death Metal


Anubhav Misra-Keyboards/Vocals

Kshitish Purohit-Guitars

Vikas Dharamsattu-Guitars

Chiranjeev Brahma-Bass

Ashim Manna-drums

A melodic maelstrom that snaps neck as much as it allows the foot to tap, Acrid Semblance make music that incorporates a vicious guitar and rhythm section attack with keyboard flourishes, which has seen their fan base grow ever since their 2003 offering Soul Corrosion, snaked its way into the Indian metal underground. A follow up titled From the oblivion is due to cement their reputation as serious musicians and sure to provide the audience with a hefty dose of power rush.

Trespassing through the boundaries of Indian metal scene with their charismatic “Soul Corrosion’ EP & recently unveiled spinal damaging debut album “From the oblivion’ Delhi based melodic thrash/death metallers ACRID SEMBLANCE are synonym to all things- HEAVY. Veterans of two back-to-back Great Indian Rock concerts, they are consistently in a process to push limits to authenticate their compositions. Drawing influences from ‘Death’, ‘Children of Bodom’, ‘Stradivarius’, Slayer’ and ‘Blind Guardian’, the band is very proactive to infuse their own elements of progression to those terrain-toppling riffs. Lyrically they are dark, gloomy, sad and mysterious. Any gig featuring them is more of a musical experience than a head banging session.
Miss them live and curse yourselves for life!

Influences ::

Blind Guardian, Dimmu Borgir, Old Man’s Child, Opeth, Arcturus, Strapping Young Lad, Lamb of god, children of bodom, death, deicide, cannibal corpse, immortal, the moaning, susperia, pantera, fear factory, sepultura, metallica, slipknot, hate eternal, vader, behemoth etc


From the oblivion (2006) :

From the oblivion

A perfect Pseudocrity
Mindwarp II
Genesis 18:05
Acrid Arts     lyrics
Running for Eternity
Mindwarp I
The Desecrator
Burning the ashes

Produced By: Anubhav
Cover By: Kshitish, Ashim, Anubhav.
Year: 2006.
Label: Demonstealer Records.

Soul Corrosion (2003) :

Baptised Within

Hour Glass Misery
Quest For Spirituality
Soul Corrosion
Acrid Semblance

Produced By: Acrid Semblance with
Siddharth at Whitelight Studios.
Cover By: Acrid Semblance.
Year: 2003.
Label: None.

Contacts ::

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