Blood & Iron(Chennai)

November 14, 2007


GENRE :: Metal / Progressive.


Mark A. Thomas – Vocals
Vivin Kuruvilla – Keyboards
Vikram Bains – Guitars
Ashish Shetty – Guitars
Arun Daniel – Bass
Praveen Kumar – Drums


Blood and Iron was formed over two years ago, a collaboration of members from various bands, with varying degrees of heavy metal influences. The one thing in common amongst these musicians was a will to play metal like no other band, by contributing different styles and personal influences to the sound, resulting in an original and uncompromised sound. The major influences amongst the band members range from the thunderous, guitar driven sounds of bands like Megadeth and Primal Fear, mixed with the unparalleled melodic structures of bands such as Iron Maiden, Queensryche and Children of Bodom, refined further by varying influences of Dream Theatre, Kreator and other such metal gods. All these influences and ideas put together form the core sound of Blood and Iron. This overall idea can be derived by listening to this album.

 In a time when most bands in Asia concentrate either on creating original music with the sole purpose of selling records by incorporating “popular” means or concentrate on live shows by playing a few originals along with mostly covers of bands they idolize, the exposure required to overcome the mainstream movement by creating and playing music without compromises and on the wings of belief, in Asia, is phenomenal.

 Blood and Iron has played numerous live shows across India, concentrating mainly on originals, as opposed to covering our favorite bands live. We have also won several competitions around the country.

 We are dedicated to playing our music straight from the heart, and believe in the talent available in this band. We are also optimistic about our chances of being signed by a well-respected record label, to allow us to continue making our music, which we believe is unique.


Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Children Of Bodom, Kreator, Sabaton, Dream Theatre, Savatage, Manowar, Megadeth, Metallica, Pantera, Hammerfall, Primal Fear & Cradle Of Filth.




5 Responses to “Blood & Iron(Chennai)”

  1. ANIKET Says:

    You guys are awesome.
    Ur performance in IIMC was really rocking.
    Thanks 4 da cd.
    Bye nd joy rock.

  2. ANIKET Says:

    BLOOD AND IRON ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ANIKET Says:


  4. mark Says:

    Metal forever.. \\m//

  5. thomas Says:

    Just take it from the band community dude.

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