Gruesome Malady(Bangalore)

November 16, 2007

GENRE :: Horror / Gore-Grind


Vikram Bhat – skull-fucking blasts, blood-spewing gurgles;

Jimmy Palkhivala – chainsaw genocide, Proctological rumbling, phlegm-drenched regurgitation.


GRUESOME MALADY… the most bowel-churning, bile spewing, indescribably sickening horror/gore-grind project ever to raise its hideously deformed head in the country of India. GRUESOME MALADY was formed in 1999 as a medium to vent forth vomit-inducing art, repulsively created by Vikram Bhat (drums, vocals) and Jimmy Palkhivala (guitar, bass, vocals). Both were originally members of now kult doom/death band, Dying Embrace. They started to create GRUESOME MALADY for the sole purpose of satiating their most sickening, morbid desires. Revelling in the hideous depths of human degradation, be it the simple pleasures of violent psycho-sexual depravity, pustule infested gore-worship, extreme morbid sadism or absurdly bizarre fetishism, GRUESOME MALADY feature awesome horror/porn intro’s, crushing, tortured riffs & leads, relentless scrotal-bludgeoning hyper-blasts, and sick, vomit-gurgling vocals. Easily capable of ravaging and sodomising the senses in a merciless onslaught of mindless intensity, the band gained infamy quickly! The ultra-deranged debut CD Infected With Virulent Seed was released on Bizarre Leprous Productions in 2003. A split CD with female gore-grind succubi MORTUARY HACKING SESSION followed on Last House On The Right / Vomit Noise Productions in 2004. A split CD with Polish gore freaks PATOLOGICUM on Fat Ass Records was released in late 2005. The band are currently working on new material including several tracks for the upcoming Real Men Watch Porn! 20 Way Split CD on LxHxOxTxRx.



Discography ::



1.Malodorous Ejaculation
2.Molesting The Disembowelled
3.Ingest The Excrement

Gruesome Malady – Infected With Virulent Seed

Full-length, Bizarre Leprous Productions

1. Malodorous Ejaculation 03:14
2. Foul Gases Emanating From A Ruptured Anal Tract 04:19
3. Sodomizing The Infirm 03:26
4. Ingest The Excrement 03:41
5. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay 01:49
6. Lactated On Festering Mammary Pus 03:57
7. Infected With Virulent Seed 04:30
8. Molesting The Disemboweled 03:22
9. Fermented Urine Therapy 04:56
10. Embalmed In Fetid Rectal Discharge 01:36
Total playing time 34:50

Gruesome Malady – Mortuary Hacking Session/Gruesome Malady

Split, Last House on the Right Record

Mortuary Hacking Session
1. If Only I Could Sew 03:59
2. A Straw to reach for your Skull Juice 02:39
3. Slices of Delicious Eyes 03:16
4. My Turn to Cut 02:09
Gruesome Malady
5. Degraded and Defiled 04:30
6. l Ataque Delos Muertos Sin Ojos 03:34
7. Crypts of Ichor/Frenzied Evisceration of Viscous Excrescence 03:56
8. Mangled by Rodents 04:24
Total playing time 26:38

Gruesome Malady – Patologicum/Gruesome Malady

Split, Every Day Hate/Fat Ass Records
Patologicum’s part is titled: “Blasphemous Beef”
Gruesome Malady’s part is titled: “Aura Of Atrophy”
1. Gore Galore
2. Another Funny Assbleeding
3. Garlic Fart, 2nd Part
4. Worms Into My Neck
5. Vomited Beauty
6. Generation Chernobyl
7. Continence In Killing
8. Too Many Midgets Around Me
9. Chocolate Conqueror
Gruesome Malady
10. Post-Mortal Insemination
11. March Of The Mongoloids
12. Aura Of Atrophy
13. A Cranium Divided
14. Boneyard (Impetigo Cover)

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November 16, 2007

GENRE :: Death Metal


Aditya Mehta – Lead Vocals, Bass
Prashant Shah – Guitar
Yash Pathak – Drums


On the 5th of April, 2002, a phenomenon was given birth to. A phenomenon that promised to threaten the very basis of what is termed as ‘socially acceptable’. A phenomenon borne out of the dark, dreary minds of four unique individuals. A phenomenon we all now know as Exhumation. Just four guys set out to create the most brutal, extreme music, and bring a much needed dose of searing brutality into the world.

In 1998 , Aditya, Prashant and Yash, formed a practise band called Mortuary. Mortuary lasted for a comparatively short period, and the guys stuck to playing thrash metal. After some time, Prashant left for the United States to pursue his higher studies. Over the years, they were captivated by the extreme side of heavy music, Death Metal. And the four decided that this was what they wanted to exude as musicians. It was the exact same feeling that each of us come across sometime in our lives when we feel ‘this is exactly what I want to do’. In early 2002, Aditya and Yash came across Aritro – a bassist who shared their enthusiasm and love for extreme music. In Spring 2002, Prashant returned to India on a permanent basis, and Exhumation was born.

Other commitments forced the band to practise collectively only for a month in the first year of its conception. They were for the first time officially introduced to the world in the first half of 2003 when they unleashed their fury at the Infinity Sunday Jam, and established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Timir Chimulkar, frontman of Sceptre, an avid supporter of the band, who was present at that gig aptly called the band as a ‘resurrection’ in the Indian metal scene. The journey began then, and the band has since performed at various venues including DeathFest 2003, and have also played at Pune. The band essentially plays only originals, but for a few shows they will play a few covers since they lack a full setlist comprising of only originals at present. “We’d rather play 3-4 quality originals than 10 crappy ones”.

Exhumation has recorded one of their songs, and plan to record their whole album by December 2003.

The band as a whole is influenced by: Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Slayer, Nile, Deeds of Flesh, Vader, Mortician, Cryptopsy, Monstrosity, Pyrexia, Suffocation, Gorguts and many more Death Metal bands. Their music represents everything they believe in and at the same time it is a weapon against organized religion and its hypocrisies. “Exhumation is a force that was created to create the music we love and to use this force to wipe out everything we are against”.


Tracklists :

1. Among The Dead 02:02  
2. (Dis) Grace (I Am My God) 02:51  
3. Nothing But Misery 02:34  
4. Oceans Of Hatred 03:21  
5. Orphanage Carnage 02:49  
6. Racial Slaughter 02:34  
7. The Awakening 02:17  
8. Under The Knife 02:42  
Total playing time 21:10

Tracklists ::

1. In Sickness And In Health 00:24  
2. Tandoori Chick 02:13  
3. On The Platter 03:25  
4. The House I Built 02:49  
5. Bloodletting 01:44  
Total playing time 10:35


Cremated Souls(Bangalore)

November 16, 2007

GENRE :: Melodic Metal


Charles Firemen Rozario : All vocals
Pradyumna Mohan : Guitars
Ganesh : Guitars
Canute Roy D’Souza : Bass
Mahran.S.Ali : Drums


“Cremated Souls” is a five piece band from Bangalore, India.We came together in December 2001. We were all like-minded, aiming to compose good music, with a blend of Brutality and a pinch of Melody, yet to sound completely different from others.

“SOLE DIMENSION”, the first demo brought about by “CREMATED SOULS”, after performing several live shows in the unexplored metal scene in India.We introduced a new genre, by adding a touch of melody into speedy riffs iced with haunting leads, blast beats and a taste of few Indian scales.

With Pradyum on lead guitars, Ganesh on rhythm guitars, Canute on bass guitars, Mahran on drums and Charles on vocals, we are focused towards contributing quality music to the ever expectant crowd.All of us being self learnt musicians, have derived a lot of inspiration from the veteran bands, and thus have also added two covers along with a few of our own compositions to the demo, as a tribute to those who have influenced us.


November 16, 2007

GENRE :: Thrash Metal


Ranjan – Vocals,Guitars
Jose – Bass, Backing vocals
Veeru – Drums


Formed in 1997 in Calcutta (now Kolkatta)
plays death and thrash metal. Signed up with Throatlatch records after releasing two demo albums.

GENRE :: Doom metal


Jimmy Palkhivala – Guitars
Vikram Bhat – Drums
Ben Vargas – Vocals
Samarth – Live bass

This band is a side project of the Doom metal band
Dying Embrace started on 1999 and playing Death Metal and Grindcore.

Calvin Korpse(Bangalore)

November 16, 2007

GENRE :: Grindcore


Gopi – Guitars and Drums
Harsha – Vocals


We met up in design college in Domlur in 2001. And after 3 years of exchanging cds,making fun of the college fashion department,watching b-horror movies we came up with the concept of cK.
Not that it matters but we believe we are Indias first band to play a combination of death,grindcore,and punk.We know there were death metal bands and grindcore bands in india around by the time cK came.Of course,its a matter of opinion…and if you think we are boasting ,you are a poser and a model with spiked hair working for prasad bidappa.SO FUCK OFF!!!
In 2003, we recorded an album entitled “the calvin korpse project”.It has 6 songs on it.We gave away about 7 copies-5 in bangalore,2 in madras(so that makes us really fucking underground eh?)
In the 3 years of cKs existence,we have never played live and probably never will,cos before the crowd boos us away,we just might scare the crowd away because of our sheer evilosity.Mu-hahaha. They wont like us,and we wont like them,so its cool.
Ok,so you wont see us at any “college rock competition” cos we are out of college(and out of jobs too)…but you can do yourself a favor and download the 2 mp3s we have put up, now grinding in the hard drives(or the recycle bins) of more than a dozen PCs the world over.If you like it, and want a copy.We’ll give you one for christmas if you have been a good boy.

Aryan Venture(Mumbai)

November 16, 2007

GENRE ::Progressive Metal


Anoop (Vocals)
Samar Shool (Guitar)
Ajay Iyyer (Guitar)
Mithun (Bass)
Virendra (Drums)


Mumbai based Christian Progressive Metal act ARYAN VENTURE feature erstwhile ABHOR drummer Virendra. The group was conceived during 2001, initially billed as DARK SUSPENSE, by former SACROSANCT singer Anoop and guitarist Ajay Iyyer. Bringing onboard bassist Mithun and drummer Virendra the band at first pursued a brand of Thrash Metal in “the Bombay way”. A switch in direction to technical Progressive Metal was signalled with the introduction of second guitarist Samar Shool, a veteran of METAKIX and JOHN DOE.

As well as displaying their Christian virtues through their music ARYAN VENTURE also promote a strong anti drugs message.