Product Details ::
Label     : ennui.BOMB
Released     : 2007

Track Listing ::

1. Forth Track

2. Only Human
Skinny Alley

3. Think King

4. Build (Higher)

5. Glowworm
Cassini’s Division

6. Re Serve
Human Abstract

7. Bad Children

8. Revival

9. Girl Not Guitar
Half Step Down

10. Hey Where Do We Go

11. My Bitch

12. Underwater
Something Relevant

13. Frozen Portrait

14. She Lied To Me

15. 4 Times And Once After
The Superfuzz

16. Beep Off

17. Ctrl Alt Delete
Digital Kids Cyborgmom

18. Fishy Thoughts
Crossing Decency

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The First Mutiny(2007)

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Label     : Dogma Tone Records
Released     : 2007

Track Listing ::

1. Verteigo – Believe

2. Moonstruck – Hold Your Breath

3. Exodus – Desperation

4. Pralay – Moksha

5. Crungy Morphins – Darkula

6. Demonic Resurrection – Spirits Of The Mystic Mountains

7. Kastadyne – Chickenator

8. Scream Of Silence – Boundaries To Freedom

9. Night Train – Falling Down

10. Hunger – Tipalo

11. Indian Breves – Rush In My Head

12. Cassini’s Division – Drown

13. Enthrall – David & Goliath

14. Kradle O Beats – Don Wanna Fall In Love

15. Alter Ego – Uncle Damn

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November 18, 2007

Genre :: Punk Rock


Product Details ::
Label     : CT Records
Released     : 2007

Track Listing ::

1. Boredom

2. God Likes To Sleep

3. Housewives

4. Support Piracy

5. Norm The Guy Is Cool

6. Bad In Bed

7. That’s Not What I Want

8. Stab My Wallet

9. Frozen Portrait

10. Madison Lane

11. Wire We Like This

12. System

13. Tobacco Sux

14. Stupidities

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November 18, 2007

GENRE :: Progressive Thrash Metal


Premik Jolly : Lead and Rhythm Guitar and Keyboards
Siddharth Naidu : Bass Guitar and Vocals
Satish Raj : Drums,backing vocals


In the Year Nineteen hundred ninety six, in the bustling heart of the Indian Garden City, Bangalore, arose three restless teenage souls with a common vision, of exploring the art of creating an intense aural and visual experience. This small band of musicians evolved into an entity, titled Threinody, a name derived from the language of the ancient Greeks, signifying a song of grief, a dirge. Threinody is a combination of three life forces.

This trio engaged themselves in creating a sound, shaped by various sources of inspiration, ranging from the dark intensity of Slayer, the all-enveloping Pink Floyd sound, to the sonic heaviness of early Metallica. The influences and playing styles are distilled into a heady, spicy waltz bordering on speed / thrash metal.

Threinody play a style that criss-crosses a landscape of musical genres encompassing explosive thrash metal, stoner-psychedelia and technical experimentation. The band’s music, always sonically and temporally dynamic, shifts moods, from brooding to energetic and in between. Threinody’s music is inscribed with lyrics of war, reincarnation, solitude and the various aspects of life and death.

Eschewing the blatant path trodden on repeatedly by most contemporary extreme music bands, Threinody’s music is heavy and subtle, at the same time. Sharing a healthy disdain for the exceedingly relative English terms mainstream, underground and commercial, the trio refuse to play music that is compartment-isable.

The trio, not afraid of experimenting and going `beyond’, collectively hold a healthy disregard for `convention’. Self-taught musicians, respecting the punk rock principle of `D.I.Y.’, Threinody fuse their varied playing styles into an unrelenting metal mesh.


AC/DC, Accept, Accuser, Anacrusis, Annihilator, Anvil, Artillery, Autopsy, Bathory, Believer, Benediction, Black Sabbath, Blessed Death, Blind Guardian, Candlemass, Cancer, Cannibal Corpse, Carcass, Celtic Frost, Coroner, Cryptic Slaughter, Dark Angel, Death, Death Angel, Deceased, Def Leppard, Deicide, Deliverance, Demolition Hammer, Destruction, Devastation, Exciter, Exodus, Flotsam and Jetsam, God Dethroned, Grip Inc., Grim Reaper, Helloween, Hirax, Iced Earth, Impetigo, Incubus (Opprobrium), Iron Maiden, Jag Panzer, Judas Priest, Kreator, Living Death, Living Sacrifice, Loudblast, Malevolent Creation, Manowar, Mekong Delta, Metal Church, Metallica, Mortification, Motorhead, Nevermore, Nuclear Assault, Overdose, Overkill, Ozric Tentacles, Pantera, Pestilence, Pink Floyd, Powermad, Pungent Stench, Razor, Realm, Re-Animator, Rigor Mortis, Rudra, Running Wild, Rush, Sacrifice, Sadus, Sanctuary, Sepultura, Slaughter, Slayer, Sodom, Steve Vai, Suicidal Tendencies, Tankard, Testament, Tourniquet, The Tea Party, Therion, Van Halen, Vengeance Rising, Venom, Vio-Lence, WASP, Whiplash, Xentrix, Yes.


Threinody – Live at AMC College

Live album, Self Produced

The Threinody concert at AMC College, Bangalore, on Oct. 1, 2004
1. Grinder (Judas Priest cover)
2. Blind Leading the Blind
3. Children of the Grave (Black Sabbath cover)
4. In Extremis
5. Countess Bathory (Venom cover)
6. Cold Comfort
7. Alone Again
8. The Wickerman (Iron Maiden cover)
9. We didn’t Start the Fire (Billy Joel cover)
10. Requiem
11. Eat Me (Sodom cover)
12. Existential Schizm
13. South of Heaven (Slayer cover)
14. Mandatory Suicide (Slayer cover)
15. Preaching to the Deaf
16. I wanna be
17. Whiplash (Metallica cover)
18. Paint it Black (Rolling Stones cover)

Threinody – Trimetallicthreinonide

EP, Self Produced
1. Cold Comfort    
2. Alone Again    
3. Existential Schism    


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The Salvation Crusade(Pune)

November 18, 2007

GENRE :: Progressive Heavy Metal


Sugi Murmu – Vocals
Meren Jamir – Vocals
Manish Farande – Guitars
Joseph Satralkar – Keyboards
Among Jamir – Bass
Ahyulo Kemp – Drums


This White / Progressive Metal group started off with a mission to salvage original music… But now is turning towards spreading positive messages through the power of music! This is no cover band but sheer originals…

They thrive on variation. “We get bored of doing the same thing over and over again”. Each song needs to sound different. They do not want to evolve a signature style and get tied down by it. They want to spread their wings and experiment with everything to rock the world! They want to be 10-bands-in-1!!!

Their undaunted spirit continues to dedicate itself to Original Compositions and experiment with various musical genres & styles under rock & metal.

The new & permanent White Metal line up has released a single “Miracle By Faith” on India’s first ever Online Gospel compilation called Think Again ( & the 2-track EP called Save Our Nation on 30 Apr 2006. They are aiming at releasing their debut album by August/September 2006 and undertake tours for its promotion.

Before dedicating itself to the mission to serve The Lord through music and beyond, TSC was a secular band. The band is also known for their former signature songs – Rest In Peace (ennui.BOMB’s We are The Scene Vol. II), Living On (ennui.BOMB’s We are The Scene Vol. I) and Schizophrenia

They are setting up a Charitable Trust to serve the society for various ailments like poverty, drug addiction and schizophrenia. The proceeds from their album sales and concerts would be going towards this cause.

“We owe to God for keeping the dream alive, after numerous upheavals in the band and in personal lives… over the time…”

The band believes in its moto –
Pray, Believe and Do your Best
To The Almighty, Leave the Rest…


Varied influences: Anthrax, Dream Theatre, Nightwish, Cannibal Corpse (style only), As I Lay Dying, Stryper, Queensryche, Blind Guardian, Queen, Europe, Whitesnake, Dimmu Borgir (style only), Children of Bodom (style only), Meshuggah (style only), Scorpions


The Salvation Crusade 

EP, Green Ozone Rec.
Tracklists ::
1.Save our Nation
2.Burn the Nightmare


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Shrapnel (Bangalore)

November 18, 2007

GENRE :: Heavy Metal


Deepak – Lead Guitars and Vocals
Akash – Drums
Varun – Rhythm Guitars
Sudeep – Bass


One of Bangalore’s new, young metal bands, Shrapnel hits studios sometime in March to record a nine song album. The title hasn’t really been decided as of now, but fans can expect some real crunchy numbers.

Filtering out the bad that holds us back…
Take hold of what is true to your hunger
A hunger that will not go away
Plans for tomorrow, they will remain

Yeah. Heavy music has finally arrived in India. And it’s definitely here to stay. Perspective really does play the strangest tricks, doesn’t it…
Shrapnel are well known for their melodic and raw heavy metal style and hail from Bangalore, India.


Intellectual Pursuit(2004)

1 An Introspective Quest
2 Race To Oblivion
3 Path Of Vengeance
4 Futile
5 Intellectual Pursuit
6 Perspective Intolerance
7 Betrayed
8 Just Another Lie
9 When Doubt Takes Over
10 Catharsis

LABEL :: No label


November 18, 2007

GENRE :: Progressive/Heavy/Thrash Metal


Vasav Vashisht – Vocals
Lokesh Bakshi – Guitars
Tridib Chowdhry – Guitars
Nitesh Vasandani – Drums
Lal – Bass


The trio of Prestorika got together in 2001, with heavy music as their binding factor. Early influences of the gods of metal – Metallica, Maiden and Megadeth, bloomed in the later years to define the characteristic Prestorika shred sound. Making their mark across the country, performing and winning accolades across all major music festivals, Prestorika earned a repute of one the leading heavy metal acts of the nation. In 2005, Prestorika released a compilation of some of their very early works. The EP was titled ‘Emergence’. Prestorika have since being touring the country, headlining major festivals. Early 2007 has seen them concentrating on writing music for their much awaited debut album.


Metallica,Iron Maiden,Dream Theater,Queensryche,Rush,Megadeth,SkidRow Etc.



EP, Self Released
1. Sycophant    
2. Hoist My Soul    
3. His Mission    
4. Here I’m Gone    
5. Shameless Pride


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