5 AM(Bangalore)

November 19, 2007

GENRE ::Alternative Rock


Amrit Rao (Vox)

Sandeep Gnanakan (Lead Guitars)

Subhramani.S (Drums)

Prony Melvin (Bass)

Zaki Merchant (Rythm Guitars)


The band 5 AM was formed in aug’ 05.We used to have impromptu jams with jus an acoustic guitar at sandeep’s place.This was in early 2004 when all of us were going for guitar classes.We had an overnight party at sandeep’s place and on the following morning we suddenly decided to form a band and thought we should be serious about our music.We had no proper equipments and prony played the drums on a shoe stand with books arranged on it when he was Bassless and when the band had no drummer..We found a drummer named Santosh in aug ’05 and got the equipments we wanted.We wanted a wacky name for the band and came up with the name “5 Aphrodisiac Munks” and finally settled with “5 AM”. The band 5 AM was born.

The Band got an oppurtunity to play in a cafe called espressophilia and that was our first ever break.We were confused and rusty initially but the sunday jam in feb’06 was the turning point in the band’s music.We were tagged cliched and confused but that particular gig was a learning experience for the band.We realised that we need to do what we are good at and not experiment too much.So we went back to our roots and stuck to alternative/punk rocks which is our kinda music.We started to play a lot more regularly after the band members were done with the academics.Our Drummer Santosh had to leave the band due to his professional commitments and the band was in search of a new drummer.That was when we found Subhramani who was introduced to us by a common friend.Subbu as he is called was a perfect fit for the band and played his first gidg with us at Barista Unplugged.The band has seen radical shift after the inclusion of Subbu as the drummer.


GreendayRed Hot Chili Peppers



Official website :: http://5am.in/



1.Amrit Rao

2. Subhramani.S


3. Sandeep Gnanakan


4. Prony Melvin


5. Zaki Merchant


6. Common ID which all of us use :: contact@5am.in



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