November 26, 2007

GENRE :: Rock

Suhail Yusuf Khan – Sarangi

Gaurav Chintamani – Guitar

Arpan Guha Thakurta – Bass
Joshua Grant – Drums

Akshay Raheja – Effects and Electronics


Formed in January 2004, Trademark was a blues-rock trio in its first form. The band performed at various places in Delhi and also at Shimla, Leh (World Music Festival, 2004) and Shillong (Bob Dylan Brithday Celebrations, 2005). The Band reformed its line up in September 2005 and is now a quintet.

In its new form, Trademark’s music has emerged as an aggressive blend of Indian classical, funk, blues and jazz. Focusing on playing mainly original music, the bands compositions are largely based on Indian raaga’s with leanings into jazz and blues. Improvisation and extended jams are also a prominent feature of the music with elements of electronic music.

The bands approach to performance and composition is an attempt to establish what they would like to be called as the ‘Trademark Sound’, an identifiable and unique sound, which is a disctinctive balance of the traditional and modern approaches towards arrangement, execution and presentation of the bands music.


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