May 27, 2008

Its really true that the underground bands just need proper backing and platform to mark their presence ,this is what “PROSODY” has shown in recent times . Recently, the rock and metal scene has improved a lot as more and more number of rock lovers started stepping up into the musicstream . Initially , the crowd only from the major cities like Mumbai,Bangalore,Delhi,Mizoram etc  were floored with what is called “ROCK” music . Later ,the change was noticeable ,the music started building up the rage against the music in the heart of the addicts . In the past even Pune produced many such good bands and  has definitely seen a growing music culture with more & more youngsters getting involved and making it their tool for expression. Competitions like Campus Rock Idols & shows like Live Storms, Bombay Rock Association, NoiZ Gate, Yamaha Roxx etc,  provided our young rockers a platform to show what they got and music has definitely got a whole lot of attention.
Among all these traffic, there originated a band called “PROSODY”comprising of all the fresh blood talents  from Pune(Maharashtra).One such band was formed when six musicians all coming from diversified backgrounds and cultures met together to realize their dreams and make them true.

“PROSODY” consists of 6 young gunners ::

  • Andy – Vocals
  • Cariappa – Vocals(Hindi)
  • Abhay – Guitars
  • Sumit – Bass
  • Kirti – Lead Guitars
  • Angad – Drums

    “PROSODY” have  been hitting the Pune circuit for quiet sometime with their musical aggression capturing many hearts. All this started when all of them met in during their college time and started exploring ,what how they can contribute towards music. No disputes ,the band firmly believes in maintaining originality and giving quality music to the listeners,they also believe in letting out their thoughts bluntly . When it comes to playing live, the centre stage is taken by Andy with his energy and power-packed vocals layered with Abhay’s thrashing guitars, Sumit’s grooving bass, Angad’s beat science and Kirti’s shrilling leads.
    Abhay(Rhythm guitarist) says, “Since all of us have more or less different musical backgrounds and influences, it makes us easier to venture into different styles and sounds giving us an infinite number of opportunities to explore & discover. This makes our music difficult to fit in a genre which is the best part.”
    Abhay cultivates his musical influences from Nirvana, Pearl Jam, R.E.M, Megadeth and our very own legends Kishore Kumar & R.D Burman.
    Kirti and Angad  have spent their childhood listening to bands like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Black Sabbath, Beatles etc.
    Sumit draw his influences and he says, “My major influences have been RATM, Victor wooten, Pearl Jam and also a lot of native Nepali folk and fusion.
    The Band recently participated in Campus Rock Idols in Pune and were the runner-ups in the national competition. They have also won the hindi band competition called ‘Mantra’ at IIT Pawai’s annual cultural fest-Mood Indigo 2008 where Prosody’s hindi vocalist Carriappa Prasad took charge of the stage.The band keeps performing in Pune at some regular venues constantly trying to take their energy, restlessness and love towards music to the next level .
    Prosody has played over 25 gigs in 3 different cities  and has opened for artists like Atif Aslam, Sukhbir, and have given guest performances in various colleges like Symbiosis, Cummins college etc.
    Right now , the band is focusing most of the time jamming together and their studio recordings. The band has already recorded four songs ,but wants to make some more originals for their love for fans .All and all, with the kind of commitment Prosody has put into making music, they definitely have a long way to go.

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One Response to “Prosody(Pune)”

  1. sonu Says:

    Hey guys i’m great fan of yours, you people are awesome!

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