Thank You . Come Again

May 27, 2008




PRICE :: Rs.100

RATING ::  9/10

If you want to sit back and enjoy some real true music amalgamated with entertainment ,here they are “HELGA’s FUN CASTLE”  with their debut album “THANK YOU . COME AGAIN” released long back in the year 2005 . A very antique band with a very lively and amusing music that would have ever come across.The first time, when i heard about them, i was just quivered by their name . I started google search engine and begin to collect information about the band. Their first impression for me was very bad with all that crapy lyrics title,but the moment i heard their few tracks i was just left with a amused expression on my face . I still remember the first time when i completed listening to the album,i was totally pleased .I started enjoying those lyrics and crazy vocals with extremely groovy drums,which hanged me up to their fanlist.

The band is pretty famous for their insane lyrics and the crazy performance when they step up on the livestage. A band that really enjoys performing live on the stage,this is what i noticed the first time when i went for their gig . The band is pretty confident and has the potential in producing the compositions instantly on the stage . The album has 8 enthusiastic tracks running for about 41 minutes , but won’t let you warm your benches…for sure . The album is a finished product of excellent catchy and joyous music with freaky lyrics.
“THANK YOU . COME AGAIN”,an insane tour with the album starts off with the track “For Luke”,the song immediately processed and dedicated for Channel [V] “Luke Kenny”  during the Launch Pad competition. I would say that this song is the USP of the album with extremely enthusiastic vocals,excellent drumwork and killer riffs,which even makes it the most preferable song for the fans. Next comes “Mr. Fancypants”,frankly speaking  still investigating about this song,i did not get what this song is all about but i really enjoyed the music and the catchy chorus. The third track of the album”Sometimes”,a very beautiful solo about expressing his feel for lost love with exceptionally masterpiece guitars,but not a kind of “HFC” song. Yeah! Here comes the song ” Lil’ Bit Of This” ,a quality pack and charteristic example of their genre . A perfect song wih no disputes . “All Is Lost “, another beautiful solo in the album. The song is just fantastic , i really loved the lyrics and the melodious ending. “Marching Song”,this song is based on political issues with thoughtful lyrics,listen what they gotta say . The heaviest track of the album and a major gig favourite,wherever they perform . “Smoke Some Ganja” ,the second last track of the album and the anthem for all the doper’s . I don’t think i would be able to let you inform anything about this one, even if anybody does’nt know who “HELGA’s FUN CASTLE” is ,but they would be familiar with this track for sure.  Whenever i come across this song, i just have a question that was the vocalist high while recording the track or not . According to me this song proves,that there is no need for you to sniff grass for getting high ,the music alone can drive you crazy. The last track of the album is the title track “Thank You.Come Again”,i really don’t know whether this is a song or just recorded while they were chatting . A total freaky track ,i just feel like laughing whenever i remeber this one. Listen to it and let me know what you gotta say about this title track .
“THANK YOU . COME AGAIN”,a superb album for all the rock listeners . All the tracks in this album are recorded and mastered beautifully,which makes it more preferable to hear on headphones . Enjoy music with “HELGA’s FUN CASTLE” and live life at it’s best.
The album allows you to enjoy some real smoky mindfucking crazy songs by “HELGA’s FUN CASTLE” . So,people smoke up their music and roll over in the loop.

“HFC Rulzzz” ! ” Get high on music ‘n’ Not on drugs”!!!

Bottom Line :: Paying is more than being worth for this extremely insane album . Let there be noise !!!

Pravin Prajapati(LordMessiah)


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