November 24, 2007

GENRE :: Death Metal








Spitfire had their first Jam in the month of July'05, and played their
first gig at the August SundayJam followed by Freedom Jam'05. They won
their first college competition at BMSIT -Bangalore which has renewed
their hope to kick more ass. Since then they've been playing every show
they possibly can. Their sound is a mixture of Metalcore with
tech death metal, Nu metal, and experimenting a little within the
boundaries of metal. The band is determined to break all the barriers
between metalcore and death metal producing a shattering "in your face"


Spitfire is influenced by a variety of genre's and bands
ranging from Lamb Of God, Devildriver,As I Lay Dying,
God Forbid ,Slipknot to Tool, Deftones, Mudvayne
Soulfly to In Flames, Children Of Bodom, Five Pointe 0
 and anything else that sounds good to us.


Mosh :: http://www.mosh.in/spitfire

My Space :: http://www.myspace.com/spitfireindia


Souled Out(Bangalore)

November 24, 2007


GENRE ::Metal


Ashu-guitars/vox/keys/drum sequencing
The darkblade-bass/vox

Souled Out is a Heavy Metal band based in Bangalore, India. It was formed in 2005 by committed metalheads. The band is driven by the pure passion for old school metal with influences of progressive and melodic metal.

The band has played at well-received, energy-driven shows such as Levi’s Freedom Jam and numerous Sunday Jams, June Rock Out 2006 and also at Campus Rock Idols and many other college competitions.

The music that Souled Out plays cannot be confined to a specific genre as the band members have varied influences and it’s very evident in the Originals composed by the band.

The Band’s Live performances are known for the energy exuded on stage. A few articles have been written about them in the local dailies, which can be read on the band’s official website – http://www.souledout.co.nr

Souled Out has released a studio version of their original called ‘Blinded by Faith’ that has received rave reviews.


Official website :: http://www.souledout.co.nr/ 

Mosh :: http://www.mosh.in/souledout

Orkut ::http://www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=13670714 


November 24, 2007

GENRE :: Rock/Metal


Sujay – Vocals

Praveen : Bass, Vocals

Tony Das : Guitars, Vocals

Arvind Sampath : Guitars, Vocals

Kishan : Drums

Bhoomi, formed in April 2002 with the sole intention of playing Old School Heavy Metal, inspired by the Gods like Iron Maiden, (early)Metallica, (early)Megadeth, Judas Priest,Black Sabbath, AC/DC etc. The band had a dream start at the National Law School 2002 when they were the first college band ever to get into the semi – pro finals by playing an all original set something which even the established acts back then didn’t dare to do.

They won the competition as the best college band that year and were applauded by fans and critics alike for the distinctive vocal harmonies, which was cleverly induced into the powerful brand of heavy metal they play. This was a huge bonus for the band as there were metal bands that didn’t have a single vocalist who could sing where as Bhoomi had 3 of them who could sing and sing well.

After the Victory at NLS there was no looking back for the band for they swept each and every competition in sight taking their winning tally to 21 wins out of the 22 competitions they took part. Some of the notable achievements are NLS (2002,2003,2004) winners, IROCK 2003 Mumbai, RAIT 2003, Mumbai, Headlined around 40 college festivals in South India, Half a Day Rock Concert organized by RSJ along with Skinny Alley and Parikrama. They signed off playing the competition circuit by winning the IIM-B rock competition in 2005. The Times of India also recognized the Band as one of the top bands of Bangalore along with Thermal and A Quarter and others. The Band now looks at recording their 1st album, which they hope to release it by the mid 2007 and hopefully get a record deal and break into the International Metal Scene..

Mosh :: http://www.mosh.in/bhoomi   

Galeej Gurus(Bangalore)

November 23, 2007

GENRE :: Rock / Funk / Alternative


Nathan Harris:Vocals, Crowd Ticklings

Matthew Harris: Bass Guitar

Ananth Menon: Guitar, Vocals

Naveen Thomas: Guitar

Kishan Balaji: Drums


The Galeej Gurus are a band that believes in exploring music and also to have as much fun as possible doing it. It would be a bare-faced lie to say that we don’t care about the money, or the fame, but that aside, we have been on the circuit since 2001, and have watched several bands rise, and disappear too, and are determined not to let that happen to us – even if it means we’re full time employees during the day – and crazy rockers at night. In spite of our sleep deprived schedules, the band has managed to push on, the highlight of our 6 odd years together being December 2006, when we opened for Deep Purple in Bangalore.

Our music is never easy to categorize, worst of all by ourselves, but circumstances have forced us to come up with a genre by which it can be classified – so we’ve settled on Progressive Funk. Being from such disparate backgrounds only adds to the colour in the music rather than take away from it. One can see shades of artistes as diverse as Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eric Clapton, Steve Vai and Deep Purple in Galeej music, with the occasional Indian classical tint stepping in for effect. The band has, is, and always will, continue to push the boundaries of our understanding of music, and our limitations, to find the perfect expression of five individual souls thrumming in harmony.

Everyone on this earth is on a journey – whether they know it or not is quite irrelevant. Usually, an analysis of the average person’s journey – be it for material things, or for “enlightenment” – will reveal that it is essentially a quest for perfection (usually disguised as the ever-ambiguous “happiness”). We consider Galeej, and Gurus to be two ends of the spectrum of this journey and therefore consider the band name to be symbolic of The Journey that Everyman must make in their lives. It is not in any measure a statement of us being either “Galeej” (dirty – in south India) or “Gurus” (teacher) – not by a long shot.


In the beginning, Galeej compositions were always born out of a jam session – some of which would go on for three hours continuously, sometimes generously aided by Lord Bacchus. The idea that songs could be lift-off points for improvisation, popularised by Cream, was a convenient one for us to adopt at that point. As time went by however, there was a need to consolidate the approach – of course coming up with songs purely from jamming was always an option – but it was time-consuming and took far too long to solidify into a good coherent song – usually over the span of several gigs. In memory of those days however – the guitar solos remain impromptu, and it is possibly this factor that makes a Galeej song easily listenable – it is always fresh for us – so it is always fresh to the audience. Cover songs that used to dominate the set list have given way to more of our own compositions and we firmly believe that unless the audience begins to support, or even demand that bands play their own compositions, rock music in India is doomed.


1. Red Hot Chilli Peppers

2. Eric Clapton

3. Deep Purple

4. Extreme

5. Steve Vai

6. Jon Bon Jovi

7. Albert Collins

8. Stevie Ray Vaughan


Since the time of their inception as a college band, the Gurus have won numerous prestigious competitions both in the college as well as the semi-professional categories. Some of the most significant ones have been listed below:

1. Christ College (In Bloom – 2000,2001)

2. JIPMER, Pondicherry (2001)

3. National Law School (Legala – 2000)

4. IIT Chennai (2001)

5. IIT Powai (2001)

We have also bagged several individual awards at these competitions. Aside from these, the band has also been asked to perform for various events and rock shows, such as

1. Wranglers re-launch in Bangalore

2. Bishop Cottons Carnival rock show

3. Cathedral School Carnival rock show

4. St John’s Carnival rock show

5. Madras Christian College rock show

6. Rock show for SIT Tumkur

7. CMC Vellore rock show


8. Rockshow for launch of thhe fiero at Speedzone.

9.Selected as the “Idol” band for Spice Telecom’s  talent search held across Karnataka.

10. Headlining act for DNA Networks “Campus rock Idols”.This was a 3 city tour in Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore.

11. Headlining Act for ‘Cul-Ah’- Mount Carmel College.

12. Headlining Act For ‘Bethany Spears’ – The annual Carnival Organised by Bethany High School.

13.Performed at Zero G for ‘Bangalore Live!’.


Official website :: http://www.galeejgurus.com/

My Space :: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=138382122

Tripod :: http://galeejgurus.tripod.com/


Mail :: galeejgurus@hotmail.com

Band manager :: asghar@galeejgurus.com


November 22, 2007

GENRE :: Progressive Metal


Neil - Vocals
Pranav - Electric Guitar
Vishal - Bass Guitar
Arjun - Synth
Naveen - Drums


Hailing from Bangalore, Karnataka , India, “ENTHRALL” is one of the hottest METAL bands around. With “Dream Theater” as their major influence, Enthrall thrills fans with their very unique and identifiable Progressive Rock/Heavy Metal style.


November 22, 2007

GENRE :: Hindi Rock


Natraj (vocals)
Manoj George (violin)
Pradeep M.R (Bass Guitar)
Vivian Terance (Lead Guitar)
Prasad (Drums)


We are a India (Bangalore)based Hindi Rock Act.With around 70 public & private
gigs till date. Our solo track is featured in a compilation album “Asha Wali
Dhoop” in aid of Tsunami relief along with world renowned artists like Ustad
Zakir Hussain, Ustad Sultan Khan, Taufiq Qureshi, Ali Azmat, Alms for Shanti
etc. Our debute full lenth CD & Video is almost ready for release.


Tracklisting ::

  1. Aankhon Mein.
  2. Kya Yeh hi pyaar hai.
  3. Dreams.
  4. Gurur Brahma Guru Vishnu.
  5. Nasha.
  6. Baatein Banana.
  7. Yaadein.
  8. Suno.
  9. Dharti.


Official website :: http://www.vinapra.com


Email :: natraj@vinapra.com

Old Saying Jungle(Bangalore)

November 22, 2007

GENRE :: Funk / Experimental / Grunge


Sandeep Madhavan - Bass Guitar
Mel D'Mello - Electric Guitar
Aditya Menon - Vocals
Greg Hamra - Drums


A bunch of experimental, wise, improbably funky, jazzy, groovy love kamikazes, Old Jungle Saying is based in one of the lazy layouts of the southern city of Bangalore, India. Influenced by the likes of Primus, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Faith No More, Infectious Grooves and a whole lot of other bands whose genealogy is hard to trace, Old Jungle Saying serves up sumptuous slabs of psychedelic funk, held in place by the riotous rhythm section of Sandeep Madhavan (bass) and Greg Hamra on drums. As they steer the mothership through the murky, quirky guitars of Mel D’Mello and the spaced-out funkiness emanating from resident hippie Avijit Michael, the charismatic gurgling of Aditya Menon can be heard calling the faithful from above the rarified groove.


Official website :: http://oldjunglesaying.com/

My space :: http://www.myspace.com/oldjunglesaying


Email :: sandeep@oldjunglesaying.com