The Hobos(Kolkatta)

November 24, 2007

GENRE :: Progressive/Experimental








“BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER” and evoking them to reawaken through music
and not just constraining it into the realms of “mere entertainment”.
Apprehensive about the fact of being “labelled”, nevertheless ‘The Hobos”
are a progressive/ experimental act.
One of the few bands of Calcutta that produce their own music and
emphasie on originality.

The Hobos,are working on originals, experimenting by infusing raga and
a number of Indian sounds in some of their songs aiming to expand the
minds of the audience, induce hedonism, being their shaman for musical
explorations and further…

Inspirations: Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Dream Theater, The Doors, etc.


Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Dream Theater, The Doors, etc.


The Hobos were champions at IIT- Kharagpur, Wildfire, Springfest ’06’,
once again Arko bagging the best guitarist award

They were crowned as the best band at “CROSSWINDZ” organized by I.T BHU
Varanasi. They also swept the best guitarist, best drummer and best
original composition. Further, the judge honoured the vocalist for an
impromptu jam on the stage

The Hobos were crowned as the best band at ‘Armageddon’ ’06’ organized
by IIM Joka.Arko Chatterjee was judged as the best guitarist.

The Hobos participated in various college rock competitions and stood
victorious at Calcutta Medical College, BIT Kolkata, IIIT Kolkata etc.

the band traveled to Bangalore and played alongside many of the premier
bands of India, at the “STRAWBERRY FIELDS”.


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Cassini’s Division(Kolkatta)

November 19, 2007

GENRE :: Rock


* Rahul Guha Roy: Vocals, guitar
* Sukanti Roy: Guitar, vocals
* John Bose: Bass guitar, vocals
* Ludo: Drums, percussion, vocals

Cassini’s Division is a Modern Indian Rock band. Formed in 2001, it is named after the Cassini Division in the rings of Saturn, and is one the pioneers of this genre, and their music involves elements of punk rock, alternative rock and Indian music.
Based in Calcutta, probably the most diverse music lovers hub in India, a city that has hosted musicians ranging from John McLaughlin to Joe Satriani, this band is the forerunner in breaking out of the monotonous classic rock cycle and one of the first bands to modernise Indian music by fusing it with punk and heavy metal influences. Compositions range from melodic riff-based songs with vocal harmonies to a modern mix of clean tone with textured distortion, this quartet is all set to bridge the gap between Indian musicians and Western rockers.
Shamik left the band in mid-2002 citing personal issues and was replaced on bass duties by John, a musician acquaintance of Rahul’s and an associate of the band. Arka left the band in November 2004 due to a status quo as far as the musicality of the band was concerned, and citing poor musicianship/little effort to improve from some of the then members. Wanting to tide over this crucial period, and concerned over the possibilities of having to cancel out on gig dates, the band decided to try out Ludo on the drums. This seemed to work well. They played rocking sets at festivals in Kalimpong and Darjeeling on 09 and 11 November 2004. It turned out that though half of the band had gone through a radical transformation, this seemingly helped the two older members find the sound they were looking for.
Widely known in the national circuit for its outspokenness, a strong common goal that the members of the band share is shattering preconceived notions of what rock music is and what it is not. They believe that rock is not a deep rooted music genre, but a way of living, a lifestyle and an attitude. It’s a state of mind that never declines. Either you have it, or you do not. The band has also gone on record as saying that ‘genreic’ labels are needed only to sell records, and have nothing to do with the music of any band. They also reiterate that there is too much intellectualisation regarding music, and labels are just another medium for trigger-happy critics.
Cassini’s Division is one of the first of the modern rock bands in India. Its sound contains elements akin to bands like Foo Fighters, System of a Down, Sum 41, Blink 182, and Jimmy Eat World, but may be seen as working towards music that is melodic, attractive, lyrically beguiling, often witty, cynical yet hopeful, and yet with sections as heavy and dark as death by suffocation.


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November 16, 2007

GENRE :: Thrash Metal


Ranjan – Vocals,Guitars
Jose – Bass, Backing vocals
Veeru – Drums


Formed in 1997 in Calcutta (now Kolkatta)
plays death and thrash metal. Signed up with Throatlatch records after releasing two demo albums.


November 15, 2007

GENRE :: Bengali Soft Rock


Siddhartha– Vocals,
-Drums .


The pursuit to produce an unique sound of their own led to the formation of Cactus long back in 1992, and originally included Siddhartha and Rajesh on vocals; Sanjoy on guitars; Shuvayan on bass; Shibaji on drums and Kanishka on keys. Back then, general dissatisfaction prevailed among the music listeners concerning the contemporary music that was being produce. The only very small percentage of rock listeners was also not acquainted to Bangla Rock, English being predominant. With the breakthrough of Cactus, Bangla Rock found a new dimension as they produced music that combined innovative mixing of beats and guitar sounds with profound lyrics in a language that was close to the heart of Bengal. As drummer Baji puts it,” We derived our name from the fact that the music scene was then devoid of life as in a desert. We survived amongst all odds.”

                     With Deep purple, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Iron Maiden as chief inspirations, they spurred on the purpose of promoting good Bangla Rock. They first came into focus with their debut performance at Aban Mahal, Kolkata, on 6th March 1993. Their Self-Titled Debut Album that was released in 1999 by HMV, spelt success for them as tracks like ‘halud pakhi’, ‘mon’, ‘tumi elena’ and many others became immensely popular. The success of the album earned them the due recognition and they also landed up with the offer to get associated with a Bengali movie, the first bangla band ever to have done so. The movie ‘Nil Nirjone’ realeased in 2003 had its soundtrack composed and performed by Cactus and even some scenes in the film featured them.

                        In 2004, their second offering ‘Rajar Raja’ further strengthened their position in the music industry. Their songs were not only melodious but they also included strong social messages in some cases. ‘Pegasus’, the song that they made on an offer by the NGO called SAATHI, threw light on the gay community through a bold video and evocative lyrics, was highly acclaimed all over, being the first of its kind to be made by a band. In 2006, Cactus became the first Bangla Band ever to tour the United States for a series of performances. Recently, a hindi version of the popular track ‘mon’ was featured by Anuraag Basu in his soap LOVE STORY on SAB TV marks their first step to reach the masses beyond the Bengali community.

                           Though the band has gone through quite a few changes in line-up in their course of producing great music, the spirit of Cactus remains intact and so does the widespread appeal to their songs. After a long break, they are currently working on their third studio album, with an all-new line-up and refreshed spirits, taking another stride in their endeavor to provide some good, melodious rock music.


The first self titled album, released in 1999from HMV became a rage with a touch ofblues and psychedelic rock. With numberslike Brishti, Icchamati and Oooh! ma thisalbum portrayed psychedelia in Bengali musicfor the first time. Halud pakhi,on the other hand created a long lastingsensation in the contemporary Bengalimusic scene with its nostalgic feel beingperfectly accompanied by Shudhu tumiele na and Amra bhishon ekacomplimenting the overall mood of thealbum.

Song List :

Shudhu Tumi Ele Na
Amra Bhishon Eka
Tumio Bojho Amio Bujhi
Oooh! Ma
Chai Shudhu Tomay

Record label :
Saregama India Limited.

Release Year :