November 24, 2007

GENRE :: Alt Rock


Dhaval – Vocals
Gaurav – Guitar
Somnath – Guitar
Anish – Bass
Akshat – Drums


Descant began in 2003 as many a band begin, as an accoustic act with guitarist Gaurav and bassist Anish. After getting tired of playing just with each other and on accoustic’s they finally decided to take it to the next level and the search for other band members began.
They found Anand, the first vocalist for the band, through common friends and he had the same ideas about music as them.The search for a lead guitarist was going nowhere til they met Somnath, who was a childhood friend of gaurav, but the two had’nt been in touch for several years. After a few meetings and lots of random conversation, gaurav mentioned that he palyed the guitar and was looking for a lead in this project he wanted to start. To his amazement Somnath made him aware of the fact that he infact had been playing guitar all thee years that they had lost touch and they went on to jam and it all just fit. J
Just before IIT 2004 the search for a drummer led them to Akshat who’d played for a metal band before and finally the lineup was complete. Now Descant has a new Voice, that being Dhawal who brings a lot of energy and fun onstage and off(even when he’s sober)
Having released their debut EP called Mad Ambition with 5 original tracks, Descant has gone on to rock every possible venue in delhi and played at GIR X. The focus of the band has always been original music and has an alternative sound.


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