Soul Burn(Kerala)

November 22, 2007

GENRE :: Grunge


Vocals – Vivek thomas
Lead guitars – Arun Dutt
Guitars – Melin
Bass – Chippu
Drums – Sabu


Tool, A Perfect Circle, Riverside, Pearl Jam , Pain Of Salvation, Autolux,Alice In Chains


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November 21, 2007

GENRE :: Fusion/Jazz


Phani > Guitars
Vivek > Bass
Sanjay > Drums


There is nothing called ‘Good Music’ and ‘Bad Music’ but only music you like and you don’t. – Catharsis How could it not be a divine intervention in bringing together the elements of Carnatic and Western music to create soul – strring music into reality!! We introduce ourselves as Vivek Sagar,Sanjay Das and Phani Teja…as if names make a difference! We wish to speak ourselves out through music. A better introduction would be a frisky bassist, a psyched-up drummer and a crazy guitarist….so what?? there have always been bands and they will continue to be…but not bands which can say ‘C Major’is ‘Shankarabharanam’.


Too many…


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Native Tongue(Hyderabad)

November 19, 2007

GENRE :: Garage / Alternative / Rock


Benhur – Guitars,

Joel – Drums / Vox,

Baba – Vox / Bass


NATIVE TONGUE, a Garage Rock/ Power trio with a creative urge to write music of extremely high quality within a 3 piece set up as popularised by The Police, Kings X and Billy Sheehan’s rise, Talas.

The band consists of three obscure dreamers, Baba, Joel & Benhur, Scratching a brainwave from the artistry of acts such as India’s Thermal and a Quarter, gutsy Irish boys, Sting & U2, Commercial America’s major league folk, The Dave Matthews Band and Seattle Grunge Pioneers, Pearl Jam.

Other influences of the band are Green Day, Steely Dan , The Killers, Dire Straits, Van Halen, The Red Hot Chili Peppers , Jimi Hendrix , Jaco Pastorius, Charlie Parker , John Mayer and Mr.Big

With day job demands and attendance deficits, the band is trying its best to take the voice of the voiceless to the radio, through the Robin Hood belief system.

The band believes that poverty in India and globally is an issue that has to be dealt by this generation and the one coming behind.

Native Tongue’s baby is The Chai Biscuit Foundation, a motley crue fighting the case of underprivilleged children with a strategy tailor made for their basic needs.


Sting, Extreme, Billy Sheehan, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Thermal and a Quarter, Zero, Dire Straits, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Rush, Robben Ford, Govt Mule, The Allman Brothers Band, Dennis Chambers, Steely Dan, Dave Matthews Band, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Green Day, U2, Phish


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November 15, 2007

GENRE :: Thrash Metal


Avinash – Vocals,
Shadrach – Lead Guitar,
Karna – Guitar,
Anjani – Bass,
Suman – Drums.

SLEDGE is a 5-piece metal outfit that has emerged from the ever so rapidly growing Indian rock scene. It must be said that the band has had a major role in putting Hyderabad on the national rock scene, and this, as the story usually goes, has been done against the odds though the initial stages were plagued with lineup changes and Non acceptance of heavy metal in the city. The band has been around since 1998, but things started getting serious only in the year 2000. They latched onto the first major opportunity which came in the form of an opening slot for veteran rockers SHIVA. This was performance was appreciated by the hungry rockers and SLEDGE had added a few hundred metal heads to their fan base. SLEDGE is also the first band from AP to be featured on They are also the only band from Hyderabad to play at the annual Domination – The DEATHFEST held in Mumbai, and win the runners-up title at both IIT Delhi and NSIT Delhi The first two Competitions on National Circuit. After gaining national recognition SLEDGE was offered invitations to headline most of the rock fests Like NSIT.

On its way to winning the National Title for Best Band at the final leg of Castrol Garage Rock in Mumbai, the band also won Best Vocalist, Best Guitarist, Best Drummer and Best Bassist. The regional final of this competition was held in Bangalore and was swept away by SLEDGE too. After this victory the band was offered a Record Deal with TIMES MUSIC. Though many people were skeptical about a commercial label releasing a Heavy Metal album, things did go on smoothly and a full length album by the name of “Desert Of Souls” has been released and is now available at all the leading music stores in India.

The album is an all-out precision assault, done so with all of the flair and expertise one would expect from such an impressive assembly. Absolutely no compromise has been made, and the album is a true reflection of what the band believes is their unique style of music. SLEDGE was supported by TDK Media Active (Germany) to make an animation video, as they were impressed with the music and the efforts made by the band to reach international circuit, The video is on air across India.

SLEDGE’s live show pushes the envelope even further. Never missing a beat amidst the fray, constantly trashing and pounding, their presence breeds insanity. Their stage act with uncontrollable aggression and adrenaline infects the crowd like a plague.
A SLEDGE show will leave you impressed with a taste for more. No matter where the gig is, or under what circumstances, people stand up and take notice such is the intensity with which the music is presented. On the basis of its live shows the band is considered by many as one of the tightest Metal acts in the country, and what sets it apart is its versatility and experience. The fact that it has taken the band a while to get to where it is now is a distinct advantage, and they have never let themselves down whenever given the opportunity, whether it is a national competition or a major headlining gig.

SLEDGE is now heading towards the International Metal Circuit and is determined to release the next album across the Globe and also perform at various places and cater to wider audience.


Desert Of Souls Full-length 2005

1. Final Verdict
2. Liar To Follow
3. Soul In Disgrace
4. Deathly Hymn
5. Caught In A Crossfire
6. Serpent Of Sorrow
7. Say You Will
8. Last Breath