November 15, 2007

GENRE :: Metal


    Nolan Lewis - Vocals/Guitars
    Rohit Chaturvedi - Guitars
    Jaywant Tewari - Bass Guitar
    Ryan Colaco - Drums


Kryptos was formed in the winter of 1998 by founding members Ganesh K (Bass/Vocals) and Nolan Lewis (Guitars) with the sole purpose of paying homage to the glorious 80’s metal/thrash scene. Over the 7 years that passed since that fateful winter, Kryptos welcomed Akshay Patel on guitars and Ryan Colaco on drums into the fold and developed into a raging metallic beast of razor sharp melodic riffage and searing thrash madness. With their obvious love for 80’s metal/thrash, it comes as no surprise that their influences include the almighty trio of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden as well as legendary thrashers, Coroner, Sodom and Kreator and forward thinking yet ‘true to their roots’ bands like the incomparable Dark Tranquillity and Nevermore. In 2004 Kryptos released their debut album, Spiral Ascent, which quickly gained rave reviews from all across the globe and earned the band a small but dedicated cult following in their home country India as well as other parts of Europe and South America which led to OSM Records signing the band up in 2006 for their upcoming second album. Since then the band’s core has undergone some massive changes with both Ganesh K. and Akshay Patel leaving the band to be replaced by Rohit Chaturvedi on guitars and Jayawant Tewari on bass, who have both been part of local cult 80’s metal outfit Mutiny, with Nolan Lewis switching to guitars and vocals. In 2007 Kryptos are all set to release their second effort titled, The Ark Of Gemini, worldwide through OSM Records. The album ups the ante from the debut in every manner possible. From heavy crushing riffage, to anthemic, blazing solos and epic songwriting, metalheads all over can expect nothing less than 100% pure heavy metal with tons of melody, precision and aggression.


Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Coroner, Kreator, Dark Tranquillity, Nevermore, Dio


Spiral Ascent CD (2004)
1. …Cursed Evolution
2. Altered Destinies
3. Forgotten Land of Ice
4. Clandestine Elements
5. In Twilight’s Grace
6. Expedition to Abnormalia
7. Satyr Like Face
8. Forsaken Descension


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