November 18, 2007

GENRE :: Heavy Metal


Verhnon – Vocals
Rio – Lead Guitar
Sharmon – Rhythm Guitar
Praful – Bass
Nikhil – Drums


Millennium are regarded as the Gods of metal in the Indian Music scenario. They were probably the first metal band to hit the limelight with everything in place, the amazing drumming, guitar riffs and the vocals. The band was formed in 1988 in Bangalore by Rio on the guitars, Roberto on the drums, Vehrnon as the vocalist and Stanley on the bass and Cecil on the guitar. They first hit the B’lore crowd with their Iron Maiden covers at the Spirit of Iron Maiden concert. They were also the openers for Deep Purple in India.


Millennium (Ind) – Millennium

Full-length, Crescendo
May 1st, 1995
1. Only be One    
2. Twist of Fate    
3. Gray    
4. F.Y.A    
5. Final Sign    
6. Metal Army    
7. Forest Dreams    
8. Peace Just in Heaven    
9. Child of Pain    
10. Feather    

Millennium (Ind) – One Concept To Live

Full-length, Firehouse
1. Rainmaker    
2. Bleat    
3. Romantika    
4. Jabbin at the Bone    
5. After Anger    
6. Lucid Interval

10 Responses to “Millenium(Bangalore)”

  1. metalhead Says:

    Bro, can you give me links to download their music or from where i can get there cds?

    Thanx in advance !!!

  2. ian Says:

    Any one has any album of Millennium please contact on (9819085882)

  3. Ian Says:

    Hi am a big fan of Millennium where does any one have the album 1 concept 2 live hey Verhnon pls help me with it


    Contact ian on 9819085882

  4. saurabh Says:

    Where can i download the music?????????

  5. gautam Says:

    There used to be this store on MG Road called Music Machine in th 80s that was into rock. They were a cult following. Try them

  6. Ritesh Says:

    Anyone has links to d/w the Millennium albums?

  7. Bloody Eddie Says:

    I have 14 of their songs.. 2 missing. 🙂 \m/

  8. Lynette Greig Says:

    Hi there,

    My husband Malcolm was in Millenium who was the bass guitarist. Does anyone have any of their albums? Or can they be downloaded? Malcolm lent them to sent someone who never bothered to return them. I would love to give them to him as a gift.
    Thank you, in advance.

  9. War Dog Says:

    Lynette , just check my blog ,or contact me , i will send them to you .

  10. Lynette Greig Says:

    Hi there,

    That’s my email address and could you please send me Millenium songs. Malcolm would be so pleased to get them.

    Thank you

    Lynette Greig

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